Ventolin dosage

Ventolin dosagePeople diagnosed with bronchial asthma have to treat the disease with numerous drugs that influence the disease-producing factors differently. Usually, every asthma treatment plan includes medications for treating broken out symptoms (an unexpected asthma attack) and for preventing those attacks. They differentiate relievers and preventers correspondingly. Sudden asthma attacks are usually treated with fast-acting asthma medications in the form of inhalers. One of these medications is Ventolin. Ventolin inhalers, together with the majority of fast-acting asthma drugs belong to the class of bronchodilators. These remedies can relieve an acute asthma attack in several minutes and cannot be used as preventers. The only possible way to use reliever as preventer is attempts to prevent an exercise-induced asthma attack. In this case healthcare professionals recommend taking two doses of Ventolin 20-30 minutes before the expected exercise. It is vitally important to use the device exactly as it is required. The inhalation technique includes the following steps:

  • First of all it is necessary to shake the inhaler during 10-15 seconds to mix propellant with the liquid form of medication. Propellant is a special gas that helps to release the medical aerosol.
  • If your Ventolin inhaler hasn’t yet been in use, you should prime the device to be sure that inhaler functions properly. To check it out, it will be enough to spray a couple of doses, holding the device far from eyes and face.
  • Exhale and, simultaneously with breathing in, push the plastic mouthpiece releasing a dose of medication.
  • Hold breathing for as long as it is comfortable for you. This is important to be sure that the remedy got into the lungs and cannot be exhaled. If you need to take two doses of Ventolin, wait about 1 minute before the next puff.

If you follow these steps and make the inhalation correctly, you’ll get the best effect of the medication. If your child or you find it difficult to coordinate the inhalation with releasing the dose, you may buy Ventolin inhaler with a spacer. This plastic bell-shaped device affords to inhale the whole dose.

As for using the medication at the event of asthma attack, the dosage will depend on several moments: the purpose of use (as a reliever or a preventer), the degree of severity of your condition, and  other drugs you are on can influence the dose of the drug you will take. Do not increase or abate the advised dosage if only your doctor recommends it. In case if you need to use your Ventolin inhaler unusually frequently, discuss it with your doctor to find out whether your asthma condition requires an additional drug for asthma. As a rule, the recommended frequency of use for this type of asthma drugs is two puffs every 4-6 hours, although for someone one puff can be enough.  If you see that your Ventolin inhaler doesn’t bring the expected effect, tell your doctor about it as soon as possible.

The general information about recommended dosage mentioned here is not obligatory for everybody. Your doctor may prescribe you another dosage, depending on your condition. Watch the number of doses left in your inhaler. Every Ventolin inhaler contains 200 doses and if your device without a counter, you will have to count doses yourself. Get a refill at a proper time, as Ventolin is available only on Rx.

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