Understanding of Asthma Management

Understanding of Asthma ManagementAsthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood, and asthma prevalence in Michigan is higher than the national average. Strategies to alleviate the burden of asthma include health-care provider education and training to improve the use of clinical guidelines for asthma management and to improve health-care provider skills regarding asthma patient education, especially among high-risk patients.
As part of the development of an educational program for physicians targeted to high-risk asthma patients, we conducted focus group sessions among parents of Medicaid-insured children with persistent asthma. It was important to include the perspective of this group on asthma care because asthma is more prevalent among economically disadvantaged children and they have high risk of hospital admission for asthma. sildenafil citrate pink

Medicaid insurance is both a surrogate for low income and a method of payment that contains financial incentives. The groups allowed us to better understand how parents care for a child with asthma insured by Medicaid and deal with system barriers to asthma care. By incorporating this information from this group of parents into our educational program for physicians, we believe that physicians can gain a better understanding of the parents’ unique barriers and important perspectives on asthma care.
The qualitative approach was utilized to elucidate and better understand parents experiences with the Medicaid program. Many quantitative studies have reported on Medicaid and health-care utilization, quality of care, or asthma medication use or nonuse, but these studies have not captured the dynamic interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences of parents: the personal interaction with Medicaid program staff, issues with coordination of appropriate asthma care in a health-care or educational system, and the internal feelings or parental perceptions of such challenges.
Our objective was to define important issues for children with asthma and Medicaid insurance. By understanding these issues, providers can better help patients and families manage this chronic condition and address unanticipated ways in which Medicaid insurance may affect their ability to successfully do so.

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