Understanding of Asthma Management: Study

The management of asthma requires coordination and awareness of multiple tasks. This may impact the caregiver’s self-efficacy at both behavior specific and situational (environment)-specific levels. In other words, a parent with lower self-efficacy may not be able to act or trust their capability for dealing with and caring for their child’s asthma in the Medicaid or medical systems. Our findings suggest that the caregivers require and desire ongoing education with an emphasis to support development of parental confidence regarding asthma self-management skills; feedback and communication may be able to address this.
Medicaid-insured parents looked to their physician to provide education for asthma management and generally related favorable opinions of the asthma care. This is similar to opinions reported by Anarella et al, who surveyed Medicaid recipients in New York and > 90% reported they were satisfied “overall” with their asthma care, and Medicaid-insured children in five managed-care organiza-tions. However, only some of the focus group parents used self-management tools such as asthma action plans and peak flow meters to monitor and modify their child’s disease management program. buy-asthma-inhalers-online.com
Parents recognized their own role in helping to manage their child’s asthma, but voiced concerns regarding their knowledge and judgment. Some of our caregivers reported receipt and use of an asthma action plan but often believed their skills were inadequate to execute the plan. The effectiveness of parental asthma education requires frequent physician assessment of caregiver’s home management strategies. Review of the patient’s home asthma plan allows physicians to detect both appropriateness of care and the caregiver’s asthma knowledge.” This review of strategies could serve as a mechanism to boost the caregiver’s self-efficacy and provide additional support once they have made appropriate asthma-related decisions for their child.

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