Understanding of Asthma Management: Research

Understanding of Asthma Management: ResearchIf this is an unstated concern of parents, it may be important for physicians to specifically state that their decisions for care are not based on the type of patient insurance. One technique to improve this would be to focus on communication, reassuring patients about any concerns or fears. read
Many specific asthma and management challenges faced by Medicaid caregivers are not fundamentally different than those of other parents; however, they often have less social support to aid them in dealing with their child’s medical needs and face greater financial barriers compared to other parents. Our participants reported similar issues related to school, family quality of life, and financial issues as reported by Mansour et al in a study of urban, low-income families; however, they appeared to have greater asthma knowledge and voiced understanding that children with persistent disease required chronic anti-inflammatory therapy.
Issues identified by Fredrickson and colleagues in rural areas and cities in Kansas regarding preferences in asthma care delivery, provider communication, and difficulties in continuity of care were also noted in this population, but again our group participants presented a greater understanding of asthma care and management needs. Of interest is the role of the caregiver’s internal locus of control in asthma management. The comments elicited during the group sessions point to a lack of internal locus of control and a strong external locus of control. An individual with external locus of control believes that his or her situation is guided by external circumstance and not by their own behavior. A sense of helplessness was evident in some of the participants’ statements, along with the belief that they needed additional assistance to manage their child’s asthma, tying into the role of self-efficacy in asthma management. This external locus of control may be a result of not only a lack of self-efficacy, but past experiences with the health-care system, providers, and Medicaid insurance.

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