Synthetic steroid Prednisone for asthma


Steroids, or anti-inflammatory drugs, can be a part of treatment plan for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and other disorders of the lungs. Prednisone belongs to this drug class and, as well as other inhaled, oral or steroids for injection can reduce the inflammatory process in the lungs.
Prednisone is a popular anti-inflammatory drug for oral administration. In case of acute attacks of asthma your doctor may recommend you to buy Prednisone or other peroral steroid and undergo a cure.
This medicine is a prescription drug and no one can buy Prednisone in a local drugstore without visiting a doctor. More than that, this remedy should be prescribed by a medical specialist who knows exactly what dosage is sufficient for this very patient.
Being a system steroid, after the intake Prednisone gets into the blood as opposed to the inhaled steroids, which get straight into the lungs. These medications are used along with other remedies to stop a sudden asthma attack and long-term treatment of uncontrollable asthma symptoms. Such system steroids as Prednisone are frequently prescribed to be taken in large doses during several days. This phenomenon is called “steroid burst”. Its short two-week course is relatively safe, but one should avoid a long-term treatment with steroids as they have numerous side effects. Besides, one may take Prednisone in small doses daily or with long pauses.
One may buy Prednisone in three possible forms: tablets for oral administration, solution for oral intake, cream and ointment. The drug form for treatment of your disease will be determined by your doctor in charge.
Synthetical steroids like Prednisone may cause various side effects being taken during a long time. The list of such undesirable effects includes: weight gain, hypertension, increased blood sugar level, diabetes mellitus, cataract, osteoporosis and weakness of muscles. Besides, while taking Prednisone were reported edema, vasculitis, acne, allergic dermatitis, rash, thinness of skin, giddiness, anemia, amnesia, depression, anxiety, etc. If these side effects persist or are bothersome, inform your doctor about it.
Patients may buy Prednisone online without submitting a doctor’s prescription. More than that, online pharmacies are ready to sell any medication you need at a considerably low price. But, before buying the medication it is worth of discussing the contraindications and risks of serious side effects with your doctor. Patients, allergic to prednisone shouldn’t take the remedy, as well as patients with muscle problems, high glucose level, active or inactive tuberculosis, muscle wasting, high cholesterol level, etc. Pregnant and breast-feeding patients should consult a doctor before taking the medication. The same is when a woman became pregnant while undergoing a cure with Prednisone. Consult your doctor to obtain more information. Tell the doctor about all diseases you are suffering from or have ever been suffered and the drug list you have to take in connection with them, including herbal supplements.
It goes without saying that patients should carefully follow recommendations of the doctor in charge. Do not change the dosing schedule. If you cannot take the medication according to the treatment plan, inform your doctor about it.

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