Some features of Ventolin inhalers


Ventolin inhalers are well-known fast-acting bronchodilators widely used in treatment of bronchial asthma and many others respiratory disorders. Bronchodilators are characterized by the shot-term and rapid effect and these remedies are active against acute bronchospasm caused by allergic reaction of the body, inflammatory processes in the lungs and hypersecretion of mucus. What is a bronchospasm? This phenomenon occurs when the smooth muscles around airways get tensed due to some reasons and make the airway passages narrow so that the person finds it difficult to breathe. And in case of increased mucus production, the breathing is accompanied with wheezing sound. Albuterol, contained in Ventolin inhalers, can relax those muscles and open up the airways. Bronchodilators are characterized by the ability to stop the bronchospasm quickly: the effect can be seen in 6 minutes after the inhalation.
Ventolin is available in drugstores in the form of metered-dose inhalers and solution for nebulizing machines (so-called “nebules”). Metered-dose Ventolin inhalers have a number of peculiarities that can be useful for asthmatic people. First of all, the type of inhaler that delivers Ventolin should be used according to a certain pattern of manipulations. In metered-dose inhalers a special gas is used for releasing the drug out of the device. This gas is called propellant. Metered-dose Ventolin inhalers of the new generation contain environmentally friendly propellant. So, the gas should be mixed with medication inside to release it, that’s why the device should be shaken properly during about 10 seconds before the inhalation. The person should make the inhalation standing or sitting up and keep the head straight to open up the airways. The most important point here is the necessity to coordinate the inhalation with releasing the drug. After the drug is inhaled, the patient must hold breathing for about 10 seconds to ensure the drug delivery. The following breathe out should be slow. Fulfillment of these recommendations will help you to get the best effect from metered-dose Ventolin inhalers.
Analyzing the drug itself it is worth to say that Ventolin, as a bronchodilator, cannot be used frequently to prevent asthma attacks. The only case it is useful as a preventer is treating of exercise-induced asthma. To avoid an attack, the patient should make one puff in 30 minutes before the exercise and do not bother about asthma symptoms.
Ventolin inhalers are contraindicated in people who have ever experienced allergic reactions to Albuterol or other components of Ventolin. The medication should be taken cautiously by breast-feeding and pregnant women. Your doctor in charge should be informed if you plan to get pregnant soon or got pregnant while using your Ventolin inhaler. As well as other drugs Ventolin may cause a number of side effects even when it is taken in accordance with directions. You may notice one of the following Ventolin secondary effects: cough, trouble sleeping (insomnia), sore or dry throat, unusually fast heartbeat, flushing, irritation, nausea, anxiety, headache, tremor. Contact your doctor if the unwanted body responses persist or are bothersome. All the concerns you may have about the medication you should ask the doctor. Follow the directions and asthma will not bother you.

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