Regional variations in risk factors for asthma in school children: DISCUSSION (5)

Although the communities we studied were both in the southern region of Saskatchewan and had many similarities in size and industry, some differences may have influenced the findings. The area surrounding Estevan is the site of strip mining for coal and coal-fired power plants. Air quality measurements were available in Estevan; however, they were not available in Swift Current and, therefore, could not be used in the present study. Estevan averages more annual rainfall than Swift Current (333.1 mm versus 265.2 mm, respectively), and has a lower unemployment rate than Swift Current (2.2% versus 3.8%), although both communities are below the Canadian unemployment rate. ventolin inhaler
One limitation of our study is that no objective measures of exposure were collected. However, our definitions of exposures (eg, previous ETS exposure and current ETS exposure from maternal and paternal sources) are similar to those used in other epidemiological studies of risk factors for asthma, and our findings, for the most part, are consistent with those of other studies.

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