Regional variations in risk factors for asthma in school children: DISCUSSION (3)

In the sex-stratified analysis, similar associations between asthma and risk factors were similar for both boys and girls; however, levels of significance were not met for the associations between mould or dampness and asthma in boys, and for previous ETS exposure from the mother in girls. The lack of statistical significance may be due to reduced sample size in the stratified analysis because the patterns and strength of associations were similar between boys and girls. A notable difference, however, was the significant association between rural living and asthma in girls. This finding for girls contradicts the more common pattern of reduced risk of asthma in rural settings such as farms. Reasons for this finding could not be determined from the present study. Future investigations should consider sex when investigating rural exposures. buy prednisone

Several studies have investigated risk factors associated with asthma in multiple locations. However, only a few of these considered risk factors by community. Although the inclusion of several communities in an analysis aids in examining determinants of asthma in general, assessment of exposures at the local level is important for both the etiological understanding of asthma and the application of interventions.

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