Regional variations in risk factors for asthma in school children: DISCUSSION (2)

Regional variations in risk factors for asthma in school children: DISCUSSION (2)Several studies and reviews have shown that parental smoking, especially maternal smoking, is associated with asthma or asthma symptoms. Our findings for current ETS exposure are difficult to interpret. It is possible that many of the mothers quit smoking as a result of their child’s asthma diagnosis, or those who are currently smoking may be smoking outside of the child’s environment, resulting in no relationship or inverse associations with asthma. More information about the nature of current smoking patterns of parents is required.
In Estevan, but not in Swift Current, the presence of home mould or dampness was associated with an increased risk of asthma — buy asthma inhaler. The strength of the association in Estevan was consistent with other studies involving children, which generally show positive associations with mould and/or dampness, with ORs of approximately 2.00. Differences in the results between previously conducted studies may be attributed to the differences in definitions and methods used to assess exposure to home mould or dampness. Home air conditioning in Estevan was inversely associated with asthma. Previous studies have shown conflicting results of associations between asthma symptoms and the use of air conditioners. The mechanisms relating use of air conditioners and asthma are not known. Because of the general problems with outdoor dust in Estevan, with agricultural practices and nearby strip coal mining, it is possible that air conditioners are used to control the quality of the indoor environment of homes. More specific information regarding the type, location, frequency of cleaning, or reasons for the use of air conditioners would assist in identifying reasons for this observed association.

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