Regional variations in risk factors for asthma in school children: CONCLUSIONS

Regional variations in risk factors for asthma in school children: CONCLUSIONSWe found that the prevalence of exposures and the associations between asthma and some indoor environmental exposures differed between two communities within the southern region of Saskatchewan. We have provided further evidence that exposure to ETS in children is important when considering asthma — flovent inhaler. We have also shown that other indoor environmental characteristics, such as home mould or dampness, are important but may be most significant at a local level. Finally, we have shown that although risk factors for asthma are generally similar in boys and girls, there are potential differences.

Future considerations in studies of regional variation in asthma should include monitoring of the ambient outdoor environment, and objective measures of the indoor environmental factors within communities. Additionally, the differential effects of various exposures on boys and girls should be investigated. Despite some limitations, our study was population-based, with both communities having excellent participation rates and using identical questionnaires and design, including the dates of data collection. Results of the present study provide evidence that development of asthma programs will need to consider characteristics specific to the respective communities.

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