Prostacyclin in Septic Shock: Statistical Analysis

Before baseline measurements were obtained, the conditions of the patients were stabilized hemodynamically with adequate volume loading until there was no further increase in cardiac output. All patients received additional inotropic support with dobutamine in an attempt to achieve D02 >600 ml/min/m2 (Table 2). Because of the frequency of undesired side effects of dobutamine that may occur with much higher doses,2 such as tachycardia or tachyarrhythmia, which we did encounter in some patients, we limited the dobutamine infusion to a modest 18 Mg/ kg/min, and we reduced it when tachycardia (HR >130) occurred. Then, if the mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) did not reach 70 mm Hg, norepinephrine was added, “titrated” as low as possible, to obtain the desired MAP (Table 2).
Baseline measurements were taken after patients had been in hemodynamically stable conditions for at least 30 min. No patient was studied immediately before death or hospital discharge. An increase in body temperature during the investigation was cause for exclusion from the study. After baseline measurements were obtained, prostacyclin (epoprostenol sodium [PGI2], Flolan [Burroughs Wellcome, Crewe, England]) was infused at a rate of 10 ng/kg of body weight per minute. Hemodynamic measurements were taken after 60 min of PGI2 infusion. The infusion was then stopped, and measurements were taken 30 and 60 min thereafter website viagra super active plus . Each set of measurements included a complete hemodynamic profile with calculation of the global oxygen transport-related variables. After start of the PGI2 infusion, no further volume was infused to avoid an interference of the effects of volume and PGI2 in these patients who were already in hyperdynamic septic shock.
Paired data obtained before and during the infusion were compared with a nonparametric Wilcoxon rank-sign test, and paired data between groups were compared with the nonparametric Mann-Whitney rank sum W-test. Significance was set at the p<0.05 level. All values are presented as means ± SD.

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