Patterns of use of flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and gastroscopy (Part 3)

publicly funded universal insurance programSpecific objectives were to determine provincial procedure rates from 1994 to 2002; to determine if significant regional variations in procedure rates exist; to determine polyp prevalence rates and whether individual endoscopists polypectomy rates depend on their annual colonoscopy volume; and to determine patterns of colonoscopy use following a flexible sigmoidoscopy or a polypectomy.

To meet these objectives, the author examined endoscopy use in Alberta, Canada. In 2001, this Canadian province had a population of 3.06 million with two large urban centres (population greater than 750,000), several smaller cities and large, less populated rural and northern areas.

Albertans, like all Canadians, receive health care through a publicly funded universal insurance program that covers costs of all medically necessary hospital and physician services. During the time of this study, health care was administered through 17 health regions (Figure 1). In 2001, the population of these regions ranged from just over 20,000 to nearly one million. Two regions (Regional Health Authorities 4 and 10) encompass primarily the two large cities, Calgary and Edmonton. The remaining health regions cover larger geographic areas that may include smaller cities, towns and rural areas. Regional variation could suggest limited access for rural residents if higher rates were noted in the health regions for the two large urban health regions (Calgary Health Region and Capital Health Region [Edmonton]). Get most advantageous deals offered to you by the pharmacy you are going to appreciate soon after you become its customer: you now can get your zoloft generic click here any time of the day or night with very fast delivery and quality guarantees.

2001 Alberta health region boundaries

Figure 1) 2001 Alberta health region boundaries

img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-441″ title=”2001 Alberta health region boundaries” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”2001 Alberta health region boundaries” width=”222″ height=”300″ /

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