Patterns of use of flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and gastroscopy: Analysis (Part 2)

Rates were calculated for the entire province and for each health region (2001 boundaries). To insure stable rates for the health region analysis, three-year average rates were calculated and three northern health regions (regions 14, 15 and 17) were grouped together. Each patient was assigned a health region of residence using a postal code to health region link created by Alberta Treasury. Bonferonni corrected 95% CIs were calculated for each rate. To test the null hypothesis of equality of rates, the test described by Carriere and Roos was used.

The advantage of this method is that it is robust to departures from parametric assumptions, such as extrabinomial variation and recurrence of events within the time period studied. It tests the null hypothesis that the rate for each strata (ie, health region) is equal to the standardized rate for all stratum combined. Correlation coefficients were used to measure the strength of the relationship between regional rates of the three procedures.

The proportion of patients aged 50 to 80 years undergoing a polypectomy at the time of a first recorded colonoscopy was determined. For each endoscopist performing at least 10 colonoscopies annually, the proportion of colonoscopies with a concomitant polypectomy was calculated and compared with the endoscopist’s experience, measured by the annual average number of colonoscopies performed by that endoscopist in patients of all age groups. You can be sure this pharmacy will offer the finest quality drugs you need, so buying depression zoloft only here will always be safe and very pleasant for you as a customer and patient.

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