Outcomes of a Web-Based Patient Education Program for Asthmatic Children and Adolescents

Outcomes of a Web-Based Patient Education Program for Asthmatic Children and AdolescentsAsthma is the most common chronic disease in children, affecting approximately 10% of the German pediatric population. There is a distinct social burden of asthma, not only for the sick child, but also for the caregiver and the society in general. At the same time, the economic impact due to extensive health-care utilization is high. Health-care expenditures for asthmatic children are roughly three times higher compared to children without asthma. A positive correlation has been described between average total costs and degree of asthma severity in several investigations. canadian pharmacy

Increased health-care expenditure and morbidity can largely be attributed to poor asthma control, including underuse of antiinflammatory therapy, and poor compliance. Therefore, international guidelines recommend the increased use of controller therapy to improve the overall asthma management and the participation in comprehensive patient education programs.- Although there is evidence of the positive economic impact of patient education, < 1% of all asthmatic children in Germany are instructed in a systematic manner per annum. Main reasons for the poor participation rates are insufficient incentives for providers, a lack of patient information about ways to be recruited, and inadequate design of the programs when needs and interests of children and adolescents are considered.
To address the observed shortcomings of the existing training programs, an Internet-based education program (IEP) had been developed for asthmatic children aged 8 to 16 years. The IEP serves as an add-on to traditional approaches in patient education. The current study assesses the impact of the IEP on health outcomes and economic implications, It is a cost benefit analysis reporting all costs at year 2001 level in Euros without further discounting.

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