Inhaled Albuterol and Oral Prednisone Therapy in Hospitalized Adult Asthmatics: Methods (2)

Inhaled Albuterol and Oral Prednisone Therapy in Hospitalized Adult Asthmatics: Methods (2)Several FVC maneuvers were done until three acceptable efforts were obtained. The best values for FVC, FEV1 were chosen; FEF 25-75 values were selected from the best FVC maneuver. Hard copy of the flow-volume loop and volume-time curve were obtained from each maneuver; criteria for acceptance or rejection were based on the ATS Statement on Standardization of Spirometry. The spirometer was calibrated daily using a 3.0 L test syringe to calibrate both volume and flow as described in the operators manual. Spirometry was done each day of hospitalization every eight hours (8 am, 4 pm, 12 noon) before and 15 minutes after nebulized albuterol treatments. Other laboratory values done on admission to the study included arterial blood gases, blood chemistries, chest x-ray, ECG, and serum theophylline concentration (determined by the enzyme immunoassay techniques). proventil inhaler
Following this initial assessment, patients were randomized to receive either intravenous aminophylline (in 1 L D5 1/2 NS to run every eight hours) or intravenous placebo (same intravenous solution at same rate). In this double blind study, the hospital pharmacy kept the randomization code. To further ensure double blinding, the hospital pharmacists were instructed to give placebo loading doses and subsequent placebo partial loading doses during the course of hospitalization. For patients who received aminophylline, loading and maintenance doses were given to achieve a target concentration of 10 to 20 fig/ml. Admission and daily serum theophylline concentrations were done. The randomization code was not known to the investigators until the last patient had completed the study.

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