Impaired Quality of Life of Healthy Young Smokers: Results

The obtained forms were classified in two groups: smokers and never-smokers. A smoker was defined as a person who had smoked at least one cigarette every day during the last month. Only forms from subjects

Two hundred seventy-nine students answered the forms. One hundred twelve subjects (40%) were smokers and 167 were never-smokers. One hundred five forms (38%) had to be excluded from analysis due to age > 25 years, presence of health conditions, chronic use of medications, and drug abuse. The final groups were composed by 77 smokers and 97 never-smokers.
Clinical features of both groups are listed in Table 1. Smokers started smoking at a mean age of 17.5 years (SD, 2.6). The mean smoking duration and intensity were 3.2 years (SD, 2.1) and 1.7 pack-years (SD, 1.8), respectively. Fifty-seven subjects could be classified as light smokers ( 25 cigarettes/d). avandia generic
A substantial number of volunteers reported regular use of alcoholic beverages, especially beer. The smokers group showed a significantly higher proportion of subjects reporting alcohol consumption than never-smokers (70% vs 48.5%).

Table 1—Clinical Features of Healthy Young Students





Male/female gender No.






Age, yr

20.5 (2.0)

20.6 (2.0)

Smoking duration, yr

3.2 (2.1)

Smoking intensity, pack-yr

1.7 (1.8)

Alcohol consumption, No. (%)t

54 (70)

47 (48.5)

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