How can we battle the scourge of diarrhea: INTESTINAL EPITHELIAL CELL FUNCTIONS (Part 4)

We also examined whether probiotic bacteria, commensals that exert health benefits beyond inherent nutrition if ingested in certain numbers, are capable of altering signaling events and their functional outcomes induced in epithelial cells by invasive pathogens. We undertook these studies because there is significant anecdotal evidence that probiotic preparations alleviate the symptoms of intestinal infections and other digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel diseases, yet there is a paucity of information about their mechanism(s) of action. Our studies have revealed that probiotics are capable of causing a sustained increase in barrier function in intestinal epithelial cell lines, and can also attenuate the decrease in transepithelial resistance that is produced by infection with invasive bacteria.

Likewise, probiotic strains also limit the increase in baseline chloride secretion that occurs after prolonged infection with invasive pathogens . Finally, while invasive bacteria, in later stages after infection, cause a decrease in the ability of EGF to signal via its receptor, the addition of probiotics to the culture abrogates this presumed deleterious response to infection . It appears that probiotics exert these effects by a number of complementary mechanisms, such as interference with pathogen adhesion and direct interactions with the epithelial cells themselves . In any event, the studies provide justification for the use of probiotics, at least in the setting of enteric infections, and indicate that ongoing work to maximize the beneficial effects of various probiotic strains should be fruitful. Patients readily accept probiotics and they are usually well tolerated, often being comprised of bacterial strains (eg, Lactobacilli) that have been used in the preparation of food for millennia. Buy cheap drugs online fast – purchase cialis online pharmacy for you to enjoy a reliable pharmacy.

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