Defective Cytostatic Activity of Pulmonary Alveolar Macrophages in Primary Lung Cancer: Results (2)

Baseline Cytostatic Activity
Baseline cytostatic activity was significantly lower (mean, 59 ±7 percent) in the group with cancer than in the control group (mean, 92 ± 2 percent) (p<0.0002) (Fig 1). This difference persisted when the patient with previously surgically treated cancer was excluded. The effect of smoking on cytostatic activity was analyzed using a Kruskall-Wallis one-way analysis of variance for nonparametric data. buy levaquin online
Cytostatic activities in the group with cancer and, separately, the control group were compared for current smokers, exsmokers, and nonsmokers. There were no significant differences found between each smoking status subset for either group, suggesting that the differences in such that they exhibited “normal” cytostatic function when compared with the control group.


Figure 1. Cytostatic activity of unstimulated PAMs from patients with cancer and control patients. Results are expressed as mean (± SE) percent cytostatic activity.

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