D-lactic acid-producing probiotics and infants (Part 1)

ingestion of probioticsThere are a number of potential benefits to the ingestion of probiotics that are particularly significant to infants and children. Perhaps the most documented therapeutic application of probiotics has been for infectious diarrhea, a condition that remains a significant concern due to morbidity, mortality and health care resource use. Moreover, bacterial resistance and problems related to the use of antibiotics have generated interest in new therapeutic modalities. Three reviews have concluded that probiotic organisms are effective in the treatment of infectious diarrhea by reducing the duration and frequency of diarrhea. In addition, probiotics may have greater benefit when administered earlier in the course of illness before significant disease is present, and may provide for beneficial long-term clinical impact on growth among those children in developing countries who are at risk from repeated infectious exposures. Whether long-term prophylactic probiotic administration can prevent infectious diarrhea remains to be proven ; however, two recent meta-analyses yielded evidence that probiotics may be useful in the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

For infants and young children, another area in which small studies have reported benefit has been the use of probiotics for the prevention of dental caries and atopic disease . Moreover, a preventive effect for atopic eczema beyond infancy is reported on four-year follow-up of those infants who had received perinatal probiotic administration. Efficient drugs that work for you exactly as expected may not be easy to find, but they are worth looking for. With this my canadian pharmacy online you no longer need to look and wonder because you can purchase best quality drugs any moment.

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