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Electrocardiographic changes during cholangiopancreatography

cardiorespiratory complicationsManipulation of various body structures during routine or specific diagnostic and therapeutic techniques have been reported to be associated with cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiorespiratory complications. Such changes have occurred during tracheal suctioning, rectal examination, distention of the abdominal viscera, intravenous urography, coronary angiography, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enema or small bowel enema. These events may be transient and not hazardous, but in some occasions they have been fatal. Gastrointestinal endoscopy is a modern and valuable procedure and consistently gives useful diagnostic and therapeutic results. Although cardiac arrhythmias and ST segment depression occur during gastrointestinal endoscopy even in younger patients, the elderly population is more prone to silent myocardial ischemia which manifests either as electrocardiographic ischemic changes or as disturbances of cardiac rhythm. Continue reading

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