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Brunner’s gland hamartoma: A rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding – Case report and review of the literature Part 1

Brunner’s gland

Brunner’s glands are named after Brunner, the Renaissance pathologist credited with first describing these structures in the late 17 th century, after he noted glandular tissue in the proximal small intestine. These glands are located primarily in the deep mucosa and submucosa of the duodenum. They are most apparent proximally, and they decrease in number as the duodenum progresses distally. They function to protect the duodenal epithelium from the acid chyme that is delivered from the stomach; to do this they buffer the gastric efflux by secreting both an alkaline mucus as well as the paracrine hormone enterogastrone, which inhibits gastric acid secretion. Cheapest medications whose quality is still just as high and whose effects will help you forget all the symptoms: buy birth control to find out for yourself how wonderful it is to have a perfect pharmacy waiting for you to come by.


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