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Ventolin dosage

Ventolin dosagePeople diagnosed with bronchial asthma have to treat the disease with numerous drugs that influence the disease-producing factors differently. Usually, every asthma treatment plan includes medications for treating broken out symptoms (an unexpected asthma attack) and for preventing those attacks. They differentiate relievers and preventers correspondingly. Sudden asthma attacks are usually treated with fast-acting asthma medications in the form of inhalers. One of these medications is Ventolin. Ventolin inhalers, together with the majority of fast-acting asthma drugs belong to the class of bronchodilators. Continue reading

Some features of Ventolin inhalers


Ventolin inhalers are well-known fast-acting bronchodilators widely used in treatment of bronchial asthma and many others respiratory disorders. Bronchodilators are characterized by the shot-term and rapid effect and these remedies are active against acute bronchospasm caused by allergic reaction of the body, inflammatory processes in the lungs and hypersecretion of mucus. What is a bronchospasm? This phenomenon occurs when the smooth muscles around airways get tensed due to some reasons and make the airway passages narrow so that the person finds it difficult to breathe. And in case of increased mucus production, the breathing is accompanied with wheezing sound. Albuterol, contained in Ventolin inhalers, can relax those muscles and open up the airways. Bronchodilators are characterized by the ability to stop the bronchospasm quickly: the effect can be seen in 6 minutes after the inhalation. Continue reading

Synthetic steroid Prednisone for asthma


Steroids, or anti-inflammatory drugs, can be a part of treatment plan for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and other disorders of the lungs. Prednisone belongs to this drug class and, as well as other inhaled, oral or steroids for injection can reduce the inflammatory process in the lungs.
Prednisone is a popular anti-inflammatory drug for oral administration. In case of acute attacks of asthma your doctor may recommend you to buy Prednisone or other peroral steroid and undergo a cure. Continue reading

Loyal companion and efficient reliever: Proventil inhaler


Asthma is a rather bothering and uncomfortable condition that constrains a human life or, to be more exact, changes it in some way. Since the moment one is diagnosed with asthma appears a necessity to carry one fast-acting inhaler in a pocket, a bag or have one at one’s fingertips in view of an unexpected severe asthma attack. One of these medications, Proventil, is a time-proved asthma and CODP symptoms reliever. Continue reading

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