Brunner’s gland hamartoma: A rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding – Case report and review of the literature Part 2

Brunner's gland

Brunner’s gland hamartomas are infrequently occurring lesions, although they may represent as many as 5% of all benign duodenal tumours. Autopsy series report the finding of benign small intestinal tumours in 0.16% of cases. Presenting features may include upper gastrointestinal bleeding in 40% or, rarely, duodenal or gastric outlet obstruction; in as many as 25% of cases, they are an incidental finding. Patients typically present with symptoms in the fifth and sixth decades of life, and these lesions may be found in people of all races. Most Brunner’s gland hamartomas are smaller than 2 cm in diameter; larger tumours, as in the present case, are rare, although tumours as large as 10 cm have been reported. Although the natural history of this lesion is poorly defined, one recent case report noted a more than 20-year interval between the initial diagnosis and subsequent development of symptoms (upper gastrointestinal bleeding), suggesting an essentially benign clinical course. Shop online with the best pharmacy that will ensure high quality of your medications and will offer cheapest birth control mircette with no rx required any time you need this or any other one for your medical problem.

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