A Comparative Study of the Psychosocial Assets of Adults with Cystic Fibrosis and Their Healthy Peers: Methods (Part 2)

The emotional quality of a subject s social support was measured by the Family APGAR, a five-item scale measuring the familial support and nurturance available to a respondent. The APGARs original three response choices were expanded to five to make the number of response options consistent with other items in the questionnaire. Answers from the five APGAR questions were summed to form an index of emotional social support.
The density or number of social relationships in which a subject was involved was assessed by means of six questions adapted from the Social Health Battery used in the Rand Health Insurance Study. These questions asked about the frequency of telephone contact with friends or relatives, frequency of visiting or engaging in recreational activities with friends or relatives, frequency of church attendance, and numbers of close friends. Answers were summed to form an index of social network density. buy diabetes drugs
An index of current life satisfaction was created by summing the answers to three questions suggested by the instrument used previously by Strauss and Wellisch. These questions asked how frequently subjects felt lonely, how satisfied they were with their sexual activities, and how satisfied they were with the recent course of their life. A fourth index was created from three questions exploring aspects of self-esteem. These questions asked subjects to rate the degree to which they felt they were currently using their education and talents, to indicate how they felt about this situation (eg, very satisfied to very frustrated), and to rate the degree to which they felt their current work or activities contributed to society.

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