A Comparative Study of the Psychosocial Assets of Adults with Cystic Fibrosis and Their Healthy Peers: Discussion (Part 3)

Our study does support suggestions that the activities of adults with CF are appropriate for their age. The adults with CF in this study appeared to have an overall level of functioning on a par with their healthy peers. They had married and gained dependents at the same rates as had members of the comparison group and the occupational status attained by those who had never entered the work force was at least as good as that attained by members of the comparison group. They were also enrolled in college at rates comparable to the healthy adults. Although they had significantly fewer years of education than members of the comparison group, the recruitment of comparison group members from college campuses is apt to have biased the educational attainment of the comparison group upward. buy prednisone

This study also supports and extends the general findings of psychologic health found in studies using standardized tests.* On 15 of the 17 questions used to measure emotional social support, density of the social support network, current life satisfaction, and self-esteem there were no significant differences between the CF and the comparison groups—a lack of difference underscored in most cases by the similarity of the score means and by the generally high p values obtained when testing for differences.

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