A Comparative Study of the Psychosocial Assets of Adults with Cystic Fibrosis and Their Healthy Peers: Discussion (Part 1)

The participants with CF in this study did not seem to differ from those adults at the UCSD CF Center who chose not to participate in the study, nor do the CF participants in our study seem atypical of CF adults elsewhere. With the exception of its higher proportion of male subjects, our sample resembles published descriptions of other samples both socio-demographically and medically. Patient behaviors in our study are also similar to those reported elsewhere. Our findings concerning medication compliance are consistent with two studies involving CF children that have reported 93 and 79 percent of subjects to be in “complete compliance” with the prescribed antibiotic regimen. Our finding that patients report themselves less compliant with CPT corresponds to objective and subjective observations by other researchers. Also, the finding that 16 percent of patients failed to take medications regularly, to exercise, and to perform CPT is similar to the finding of Strauss and Wellisch that 19 percent of their subjects considered themselves “rarely or never willing to cooperate in their own treatment.”
Our findings resemble those of Strauss and Wellisch in other ways as well. Thirty-eight percent of the CF adults in the UCLA study by Strauss and Wellisch described themselves as rarely or never willing to discuss or disclose the fact that they had CF; in our study, 41 percent did so. Of the patients in the UCLA study, 57 percent reported themselves rarely or never depressed because of their CF; in our study, 68 percent. More than three quarters of the patients in the UCLA study described themselves as healthier than other adults with CF and only one patient (of 21) believed himself sicker than his peers; in our study, 69 percent of patients rated themselves as healthier or much healthier than other adults with CF and only 14 percent rated themselves less healthy than other CF adults. buy flovent inhaler

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